Animals that are unbelievably awesome.



my twin brother is trying to convince me to have our 16th birthday dinner tomorrow night at Buffalo Wild Wings


the spare

  • Ross: Come on man, I'm sure he'll lose interest in a week or two, but for now can you please just do this for me?
  • Chandler: Alright, fine, but don't blame me if it doesn't work. Because you know as well as I do that once Joey sets his mind on something, more often than not, he's going to have sex with it.
  • Ross: Well we gotta do something, ok? Nannies like her don't grow on trees. (pause)
  • Chandler: Picturing that tree?
  • Ross: I am, yes.


New Zealand posters from Flight of the Conchords

My father is amazing and obscenely supportive. I think a lot of my act, for me, is sort of a parody of being a performer or an “artist” so I always liked that the subtext of the show was just me filling a dad-shaped hole in my heart.


Lets go on an adventure!

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Mae Martin: «No it’s made of vegetables.»